ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. Written and performed by ME TIME AND THE RAGING CRUSH. Copyright 2015.


"Hypnotize" written and performed by Birthday Noose. Video by Maxx Bludd. Copyright 2016.


IT'S GOIN' AROUND. Written and performed by TRASH NIGHT. Video by Anthony Denino.


Video for Me Time and The Raging Crush "Hurricane Eyes", 2014 Fone Records, Video by G. Blankenhorn


LITTLE ARSON.  Written & performed by BAD TROUBLE.  Video produced by Eaton Goode.


THE SPOILER.  Written & performed by FRACTALS.  Video produced by E.S. Planade.


TRAIN JUMPER.  Written & performed by COMIC ALPHABET.  Video produced by Jf Soper & Romeo Spikes.


MUDDY HOOF.  Written & performed by THE HOBS.  Video produced by Jason Willis.


SAFELY RECALLED.  Written & performed by THE BRIEFNESS.  Video produced by E.S. Planade.


MOM JAIL.  Written & performed by BAD TROUBLE.  Video produced by Rollo Tutelage.


WHERE ARE WE.  Written by ADAM LENGYEL.  Performed by MEMORY TREE.  Video produced by Rollo Tutelage.